NOVEMBER 3, 2020


I was not adjusting to my Covid life very well as you know, and like most other people don’t have a big tolerance for anything that is not as I expect it should be right now. A misplaced glass of water is a big deal these days to me.

So I don’t know how I would react to this American election in “normal” times and don’t know how the U.S. electorate would vote in those “normal” times.

While the outcome of the presidential election is not yet known we do know:

  1. Mitch McConnell was elected again to the Senate
  2. Lindsay Graham was elected again to the Senate
  3. A substantial number of voters with Latin American heritage believed Trumps lies that Biden is a socialist.
  4. About half the U.S. electorate voted for this racist,  homophobic liar, who is committed to keeping the poor under their thumb, and the wealthy in control.

I am a Canadian living in Europe and I am gutted by this. I cant imagine life for all those Americans who think beyond their own self interest and were hoping that more of their fellow voters would repudiate the Trump regime. That did not happen. The last four years saw such a deterioration and regardless of the outcome of this election, it must be very challenging to the psyche of those people to know that about half of the population are  Trump supporters.  I once had a real tyrant for a neighbour and it affected much of my life until I got a slip some distance from him. I cant imagine a situation where half of your neighbors potentially are this screwed up in their beliefs. It is a terrible way to live.


My next post and for several more I am only going to write about positive things.