From almost the first day I ran into Jim at the neurologists office and we went back to his place to see Janice, he had this idea that we could help each other by each of us picking up some of the others traits. Part of his idea of helping was to turn En Plein Air into more of a business and he and Janice have helped me along the way with that. A second initiative was the creation of this website as a way for me to start looking forward and to have an activity to focus on. Well that has all come together pretty nicely.

But an extension of the website idea  that he thought would work was the idea that if people  liked reading some of my stories, they might be into buying some merch to help me support myself. So here we are, walking down the aisle merrily with credit card in hand,  at THE DJANGO STORE!

As you can see, the shelves look as bare as can be, with only a few offerings but I hope to add more over time. The reason we have kicked it off now is because Jim is a bit of a fastidious nut. He was to be doing this shopping basket module for the website for some time, and has been researching and designing and looking into different banking arrangements, professional photographers … and …. and …

So I just took the bull by the horns and did some photos on the table,  and have posted the images here with a basic Paypal account system. Once I get the confirmation from Paypal that you have paid with a credit card or your Paypal account, I send you a confirmation and a nice fulfillment company in Canada ships it out to you.  All the details are set out below.

  • shipping is included in these prices and is by regular mail service, but if we learn that the shipping to your location at the top of Everest is a really big number we will contact you and let you decide if you want to pay the bit extra or cancel. From the research Jim has done on this I really don’t think there are very many places that the shipping will involve extra amounts.
  • prices are all expressed in Canadian Dollars as that’s where our fulfillment company is, but you can pay in your own currency
  • the payment system is Paypal but once you get into the payment process you will have the option to pay with a credit card
  • taxes are charged at source (Canada) and included in the figures
  • customs costs (where applicable) are paid by us

These prices I will be able to get to a lower level if I can order larger quantities but at this point we are just seeing how much demand there is.  So buy now and you get to pay more but also get the first products!

I am working on some other items, but because I just wrote that Flag post  ( FLAG post, July 25, 2020) I thought it would be a good time to launch the Django Store. I hope you like it.






This flag is not huge but a good size at 61 x 94 cm (24 x 37 inches). It is made of a Duraknit product which is  a polyester knit fabric that dries quickly, is fade resistant and hangs pretty nicely. It has a sleeve all the way down the left side and two ties for tying it to the top of the pole. Each edge is double stitched.  The side shown is the better of the two sides but is is a two sided image.

If you have not read about the background to this check out the post in DISPATCHES & RAMBLINGS from July 25, 2020, called FLAG.

$54 CDN  including tax, and regular postal shipping to most places.





At 30.5 x 46 cm (12 x 18 inches) this flag is smaller than the SLEEVE flag but still large enough to catch attention. It is of the same Duraknit material as the larger flag, with the same double stitching. Instead of a sleeve however it has two nice brass grommets for attaching.

In the  post in DISPATCHES & RAMBLINGS from July 25, 2020, called FLAG, you can see an image of Janice holding up this flag to get an idea of the size.

$ 18  CDN including tax, and regular postal shipping to most places





We call this our regular apron because its length is a conventional length but you will look much better than “regular”  in it. From the top of the bib to the bottom seam it is 71 cm (28 inches) and the width is a generous co cm (just shy of 24 inches). It is made of a polycotton blend, and screen printed. The neck strap is fully adjustable and the straps are almost 92 cm (36 inches) each  so you can tie them behind or wrap them across your back and tie in the front. Two large pockets in front hold your gear.




$40 CDN   including tax and regular postal shipping to most places






Yes, sometimes size does matter.  This apron is exactly the same as the Regular one but is 15 cm (6 inches) longer (86.5 cm or 34 inches from top of bib to bottom hem).







$45 CDN  including tax and regular postal shipping to most places




Sometimes the Paypal site does not bring you back here after your payment and as a guy in  boat I know the feeling of being “adrift”, but be assured, you will get an email back from me within 24 hours confirming your order and getting you an estimated arrival time for your purchase.  Django